Witching & Bitching

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Do you ever get sick of being told to cheer up? Be positive? Count your blessings?

Sure you do, we all do.

The compartmentalized self is not a healthy self. To be fully whole all bits of our experience need to be acknowledged. That’s where Witching & Bitching comes in.

Witching & Bitching is the secret listening service I offer. It is my wish that no person travel alone without a *confidential witness. So I set up an affordable way to get your troubles off your chest – a brew and a bitch with a witch (me.) Let’s get together so you can offload your woes, moans, and bones to pick, in a safe place where no one will judge you for being you.

Witching & Bitching is NOT therapy though. I will not be analysing you, nor giving you positive psychology soundbytes to consider. I won’t be doing any New Age stuff either. No. Witching & Bitching is two people meeting to embark on kindness enacted through conversation. Sacred chat, an ancient tradition and long lost art. My aim is to offer you authentic appreciation during our time together. To follow you into the depths of who you are. Together we can make magic happen.

What happens (is it really magic?)

Basically we get together for a cup of tea, (or whatever tickles your fancy) in an environment I have primed for transformation. You talk. I listen. You can be as honest as you want. No holes barred. No need to be nice, happy, forgiving, kind, or anything other than who and what you are in the moment.

Witching & Bitching is your place to vent, knowing you don’t have to pretend to be anything you’re not. I welcome you, my fellow bitching witching traveller to be yourself – warts & all.

What is Witching & Bitching for?

  • Chatting problems: maybe a problem shared is a problem halved. Or maybe it’s just good to feel heard. I can’t solve your problems, but I can listen while you figure them out. Maybe you fancy picking a tarot ot two. Maybe you want to consult the animal spirits? Let’s get together and see if your solutions reveal themselves.
  • Offloading: maybe you are having a difficult or challenging time? Perhaps you are undergoing a transition – new job, divorce, pregnancy, loss, and you want to share with someone outside of your family and friends. Book in for a brew and share your troubles. Maybe you’d even like to leave them in Rosie the Cauldron before you leave for me to dispose of?
  • Sharing: maybe your friends and family don’t share your interests, perhaps you are looking for someone to listen or share in your passions and loves? Book in for a witchy brew and I’ll see what I can do for you.
  • Witnessing: perhaps you are looking for a witness to your spiritual journey. Someone who will appreciate your complexity and listen with love, truth, and respect. Maybe you want to explore a dream, a vision, a calling…You don’t have to be a witch to have a witch witness your journey. Book in, let’s have a brew and see if witnessing works for you.
  • Taboos: things that are off limits vary from person to person. They can range from being happy (when others want you sad) to being angry, spiteful, jealous…Taboos can also be secrets held too long, yearnings begging to be acted upon, and desires too long in the shadows. These taboos do not unnerve me. Book in, let’s bring them to light.

Am I really a witch?

Yes. I come from a silver line of Celtic witches. Currently, I’m embarking upon my three year druidry training. I’m also a hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, card reader, reflexologist, reiki master, energy practitioner, masseuse, and have trained in counselling. I also wrote the book: Awaken Your Inner Faerie in 30 Days, published by 6th Books.


Of all my experiences, I have found meeting people informally for a friendly chat is the most beneficial. Most people don’t need years of psychotherapy, they just need a listening ear for an hour or two. Or a walk in nature. Or a good rant about their ex, the government, the kids, their parents, or the dog shit they trod in on the way to work. I’m a believer that frustration is better out than in, so let’s allow it to flow out helpfully through conversation.

I’ve been a listening support worker with Cancer And & Listening Line, Rape Crisis, Victim Support, and Home Start. I’m disability positive (I’m autistic) and if you need adjustments to access my service just email. I’m LGBTQA+ affirmative and aim to be inclusive in all that I offer and practice.

What to expect

We can meet in public, or at the private rooms at Vintage Therapy in Altrincham. We’ll have a brew and chat for about an hour (longer if you wish)

If you want, we can use cards, crystals, the magical animal bag, or energy massage, to help the conversation along. If you do not fancy any of those activities, we can have a bit of cake with our tea instead!

Before you leave, you can write down any worries and feed them to my hungry cauldron, Rosie. She has a pretty good track record of munching away problems – nom nom nom.

You can Witch & Bitch as many times as you like, or just once. You are under no obligation to repeat book, or even stay for your full session.

I won’t offer you any unsolicited advice, or interfere with your autonomy in any way. You are free to think, feel, and believe anything you want. I am here to listen. I’m here to be your wicked, but friendly, witch.

Crossing my palm with silver…

In person = £30 for the room & time – all the love’s for free!

Via Skype = £15 for the time – all the love’s for free!

To book a 1to1 session, or try a free introductory Skype session email:  alexclarke333@gmail.com

I look forward to being part of your journey!

*the service is confidential within the remits of the law. For more details, email me. Or book your introductory Skype session.

** this service should not be used as a substitute for medical help.

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